Dementia Unit, Kingston Hospital

The first phase of the refurbishment of the elderly care wards in Kingston hospital, Derwent ward is a section for patients with dementia. The design strategy was to create a bold and positive design for patients, staff and visitors.

The new design will have a 1950’s style creating a homely and comfortable environment, in addition to providing more active days and calm nights to their patients. Clear signs, non-shiny floors, symbols with no words and colour rooms are all features put into place to help dementia patients distinguish where they are within the ward. The ward was kitted out with homely sofas, modern bathrooms, social spaces and calming lighting.

This collaborative project worked due to the determination of the hospital, accepting ideas and challenging pre conceptions of what it should look and feel like.

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

‘I know that staff working in the department are very happy with the results.’ 

Ann Radmore, Kingston Hospital