Take a go at our VR of Copley Castle Bar

Posted by on February 24, 2017

Hunters recently held a public exhibition of the pre-application proposals for Copley Castle Bar in Hanwell. It provided an invaluable insight into the proposals and provided local residents, retailers, Ward Councillors and other stakeholders a first-hand experience of the designs.

Experience has shown us that opinions and points raised from these exhibitions can often prove to be an inspiration for projects. On this occasion, Hunters decided to opt for a more futuristic approach to public and stakeholder engagement by means of VR headsets. As the technology is becoming more accessible and affordable, so too has its applications in the real world. Could this become the norm for future public exhibitions?

As a new approach to engaging the local community and allowing them to visualise and experience the proposals in a way that ordinary 2D drawings could not have, the plans were mapped out in a 3D environment to enable observers to be placed right at the centre of the scene. This proved extremely popular, especially with younger participants. Future technological advancements may one day enable us to walk through these environments.

Copley Castle Bar is a residential led mixed-use development in Hanwell, London. The scheme is for some 204 dwellings, 5,000 ft2 of retail and 1,500 ft2 of community floor space.

Click on the link below to view the VR environment sphere:

Link to Copley Castle Bar VR Environment Sphere