Exemplary New Office Gateway

Posted by Sally on October 4, 2013

A new flagship and contemporary office development on the Uxbridge Road has started on site after our architectural team won planning consent in February for their well thought-out design. The exceptionally high quality 3000sqm offices will range from three to nine stories in height and is set to become the gateway into the West Ealing business district whilst ‘active’ building fronts will create a strong link between the office buildings and the street. A new build of this kind has not been seen in the area for a number of years.

Previously, a heavy and disconnected early 80s office building was on the site, which has been demolished. The new building has been designed so that it sits comfortably in the site and is sympathetic, but contrasts with, the local environment, lifting the space through use of light materials and soft landscaping. The new masterplan will sit more comfortably within the Ealing streetscape, with the aim of a long-term knock-on effect to promote better planned and built offices in the area.

Some of the new aspects take a hint from the past, mixing tradition with 21st century building technology. One of the aims is to restore a tree lined boulevard using a modern design re-interpretation.

Cycle parking is one of the top priorities with the removal of the disconnected parking site at the front of the building. Working within original massing parameters the new development is designed to incorporate: a higher grade floor space; larger (and therefore more popular and commercial) floor-to-floor heights designed for modern workspaces; a visually appealing building; a new landscaped plaza along Uxbridge Road; and sustainable and energy efficient principles.

Some of the challenges the design has had to overcome are noise along Uxbridge Road, improvement of the building’s size and massing to complement local surroundings, good environmental gains, and a welcome plaza with high quality hard and soft landscaping. The design gives three glazed pavilions that step down to the rear of the site to minimise the impact on and be faithful to local surrounding buildings.

The pavilions establish a vertical frontage with light fins that provide acoustic attenuation from Uxbridge Road. The beauty in the building is the lightness of it and the different heights to create a more interesting rhythm. At street level a double height entrance space creates a defined base to the building that is accessed through the new plaza.

Perhaps the most striking element of the blocks is the roof gardens, reflecting the wish to improve our city spaces through planting.

The scheme is due to complete at the end of 2014.