Hunters Coping with Copley Triple Win

Posted by Sally on April 8, 2013

Many 1970s estates are not fit for purpose, and The Copley Estate in Hanwell, west London could have been knocked down completely and built again from scratch. However, Hunters' architectural, EA and PM teams are working with Ealing Council to create a 21st century living quarter while retaining over 500 homes and designing in 200 new ones.

Many of the current homes are below minimum housing standards, but through careful assessment and clever design we are providing major Interventions to create ‘liveability’ in the estate. So what does this mean? Our aim is to make it an area in which people want to live, by transforming external appearance, improving the public spaces, refurbishing the homes and peppering the estate with a mix of different residential tenures.

New exemplary building design will include large balconies and features to tie in aesthetically to the surrounding area to harness the project. Separate private and public space and an integrated community / tenure mix, with family accommodation all wrapped up in a tenure blind development.

Hunters are refurbishing where possible and only if impractical will demolish current housing. The aim is to keep the existing number of affordable homes, add other tenures including private ownership and designing in community areas with retail and leisure. The new build is to be interspersed with existing homes to enhance the street scape and a weight placed on good playspace, family spaces, appropriate massing and daylight analysis.