Hunters Surveys Spread All Over the UK

Posted by on April 20, 2016

Our surveying team is in the final phase of working on 35,000 onsite reviews of properties around the UK for Home Group. The audit summarises the capital works needed for the properties and their energy efficiency through a tailor-made database.

The unique database was designed jointly by Hunters' database team and building surveyors in conjunction with our clients to create a smooth and simple process of information from surveyor to client desktop.

Greg Morris, Database Manager at Hunters, said: "Our Hunters Collect system has enabled what can be a complex, time consuming process to be an efficient and robust data collecting process.

"Working closely with our clients, we are able to transfer data into their asset management systems quickly and clearly.

"With around 8.5 million rows of asset data so far, this is potentially the largest data set ever collected as a single project in the UK. It's certainly been a geographically challenging spread of assets with us attempting to achieve as close as possible 100% access."

The project has recently undergone scrutiny from the HCA and has also been greenlit by Home Group on the robustness of the data. It is due to finish in August.