Joint Venture Team Partnering

Posted by on June 24, 2016

On the back of Erith Park, Seward Street and other successful Joint Venture schemes, the EA team is introducing developers and contractors to RPs’ inspiring new schemes.

Hunters know the market, especially the London residential market, and this regional insight differentiates us from global players. Our market intelligence makes sure we deliver commercially viable projects to improve Gross Development Value for clients.

We nurture personal relationships between funders and housing associations and provide services to underpin the commercial viability (and therefore reducing the risk) of development. This service is robust, transparent and intelligent making sure clients get the most from their assets.

Managing Director Neil McCabe commented: “We are providing a unique service which helps reduce risk and improves funding streams and partnerships for Joint Ventures. We act as a trusted partner, providing an honest and intelligent service – a catalyst for forward-thinking development.”

If you want to have a chat, call Neil on 020 8237 8200.