Over 40,000 Surveys Kick Off

Posted by Sally on October 4, 2013

Our Portfolio Consultancy team has won two major surveying projects working for Home Group and Curo Group. An initial pilot survey is being launched on behalf of Home Group whereby the survey data collection will be implemented through the latest data collection devices, stored on a Hunters bespoke database and translated to meet the requirements of the client's existing asset management system.

An important part of any survey process is to ensure the success of a pilot survey. Once completed, the next stage is to survey the entire general needs portfolio of circa 35,000 homes nationwide.

Our work with Curo Group requires data to be collected through application of their existing data collection software, together with accompanying photographs.

These surveys are of residential homes located across many areas of England, with Curo's stock specifically in and around Bath. Inspections include a condition survey, Decent Homes, Housing Health and Safety Rating System and Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure (RDSAP2009), and DDA and improvement measures.

Our team is using advanced database programming to enable Home Group to create a 30-year cost plan for Decent Homes programmes and maintenance and make SAP rating improvements and refurbishment priorities.

The work has just commenced, with Curo's surveys due to in March 2014 and Home Group's at the end of March 2015.