Revitalising Pollards Hill Estate

Posted by Sally on June 17, 2014

Architecturally Pollards Hill is a challenging brief. Dangerous and redundant spaces have been created by the inherently poor layout with narrow alleyways, indirect key routes, and buildings that act as barriers. These issues and the low quality build had to be addressed in the new design by Hunters.

Situated in Merton, an outer London Borough, the new buildings will act as 'eyes on the green' to provide passive surveillance of a public park. The design will include a new signature building as a community hub with extra-care facilities on its upper floors.

Many of the properties have been purchased through Right to Buy and the architectural team has used their skills to steer a coherent masterplan through extensive consultation.

A major focus is on natural landscaping, lighting, new safer routes and parking coupled with providing character and insulation to the individual homes to feel less ‘estate like’, peppered with new build infill. The estate reflects many suburban social housing schemes around the country that have lost out in inner city redevelopment funding.