May 2022

Drone shots of Copley Estate

It took five years to rejuvenate Copley, a 1km long 1970’s estate which needed some substantial refurbishment and a major rethink. The award-winning modernisation by Hunters mixes refurbishment, new build, placemaking and improved access to transform the existing estate. Thank you to P. Colohan & Co ltd, who shared their drone footage with us.

Copley – New build and refurbishment

The brief was to retain the existing number of affordable homes, provide additional tenure types (including private ownership) and deliver community areas with retail and leisure facilities.

Over 500 of the existing properties have been refurbished with 202 new build homes delivered through a series of discreet infills and on a major redevelopment site creating a vibrant destination location near the station. The works have focused on improving connectivity and the public realm around the existing portfolio that greatly improves the appearance of open spaces, eases pedestrian and traffic movement, and helps integrate the area with the surrounding neighbourhood.

The new homes deliver a range of property sizes as well as community and retail facilities at ground level. Some of the new-builds’ properties are discreet infills between existing buildings whilst the principal, central area delivers major development with a new public space and play space.

Mark Baines, Director commented ‘This significant project has focussed on the residents’ health and wellbeing as well as supporting a greener more sustainable option through refurbishment. Our design has embraced the challenging narrow site to create a safer and more hospitable environment for everyone who lives there.’

Award wins include IH Development Awards, Evening Standard New Homes Awards and London Planning Awards.