June 2024

Hunters Deliver Community Hub and Housing

The Hunters Executive Architectural team have delivered an innovative housing and community project on a challenging urban infill site in North London with a community centre, public square and 41 new affordable homes. 

Highgate Newtown Community Centre is part of a wider connectivity plan, opening a new route through the site, joining two neighbouring communities which had previously been isolated from one another despite their proximity.

The aesthetics and detailing were key, with dappled brickwork set off with rich coloured bricks, intermingled with white bricks, this created an individual and attractive place to be.

A new pedestrian route through the site features a new public space which creates easy access to every part of the new development: homes, the community centre and youth centre ensuring natural activity and security.

A further benefit of this new route is improved social integration between the privately-owned homes to the north and the largely council-owned homes to the south.