March 2022

Students Present!

For a number of years our EA team have partnered with the University of Reading, not only to provide a popular employment route for graduates, but also to give undergraduate students access to our hands-on team as part of their studies.

David Capel, Director at Hunters commented ‘It’s always a pleasure working with the students, we provide a brief, direction and feedback on an extension to a real building on the University campus to the Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying and Construction Management students. In return we get a great level of engagement and the opportunity to see some innovative design solutions.’

Running for several years, a team from Hunters help build confidence in the students though supporting and providing feedback on presentation skills, report writing, understanding of the real-world. The students work in mixed-discipline teams to deliver the project, learning how to build their inter-personal and influencing skills.

“It’s better for the students to get experience of this as part of their University education.’ Commented Dr Philippa Boyd, Lecturer in Construction Technology, ‘It helps them prepare for the job market and learn how to work together in their future careers’

Reading University
Reading university

An idiosyncratic University building became the template for this year’s project. A three fingered typography building was chosen with the students having to plan for the extension to house ancient papyrus and exhibition space. Challenges included providing a sustainable, accessible design solution that provided environmentally controlled conditions and space for a 4-metre high pole press.

In 2022 nineteen teams from the University (including from the University’s Malaysian campus) have participated in the five-week module which forms part of their second year undergraduate course. This week the top two teams were shortlisted as well as a number of individuals who will have the opportunity to apply for a graduate placement at Hunters.

In April, the top two teams will be invited to visit the Hunters building and present to Hunters directors and previous placement winners before a winning team is announced. The winning team will all be given the opportunity a apply for a summer placement. We wish them all the best of luck.’