December 2017

Zero Waste & Reduced Deliveries

Kate Henry Aston, Director at Hunters, is part of a cross-sector group of housing experts (and members of the Housing Forum) who have delivered a new report on Building Homes Better – The Quality Challenge.

The report  investigated ‘how building better quality homes can be delivered to improve the experience of those buying and renting them.’ They decided to ‘limit their remit to the quality of individual homes while fully acknowledging that good placemaking and appropriate and sustainable infrastructure are essential to the creation of good living environments. ‘

They ‘looked into the points of interaction between customers and the housing industry and found systemic failures to provide quality outcomes, either in terms of design quality or customer satisfaction. The report is ‘intended to highlight where those problems occur, and what they think can be done about them to achieve a positive change for quality’.

Kate investigated Fusion, an off-site manufacturer whose product reduces deliveries and has zero waste (see her overview pages 25-26).

Wandsworth Riverside, LB Wandsworth