Copley Close

With a five year delivery plan, Copley is a 1km long 1970’s estate which needed both TLC and a rethink. The award winning modernisation of the estate by Hunters mixes refurbishment, new build, placemaking and access to impact positively on the well being of residents.

Copley Close

Copley Close is a 1km long estate comprising of 637 dwellings. Hunters are refurbishing most of the existing buildings, including the public realm, and constructing new homes, community and retail facilities as discreet infills between existing buildings. Proposals include demolition of 76 homes, construction of 205 new homes, and extensive refurbishment of over 500 homes.

We are refurbishing where possible and the significant new residential sites are fronting the estate near the station. The aim is to keep the existing number of affordable homes, add other tenures including private ownership and designing in community areas with retail and leisure. The new build is to be interspersed with existing homes to enhance the streetscape with a weight placed on good playspace, family spaces, appropriate massing and daylight analysis.

“At the heart of this project lies improvements to the existing homes wherever possible and creating spaces which are safe and green. The various stages of our masterplan take a tired estate and modernise it, providing more and better homes for residents of the area.”

Susan Pasint-Magyar, Managing Director
Copley Estate Masterplan

Client London Borough of Ealing

Location Ealing, London Borough of Ealing

Awards 2018 WhatHouse? Awards – Winner (Best Starter Home Scheme)

2018 IHDevelopment Awards – Winner (Best Partnership)

2018 First Time Buyer’s Award – Winner (Best Show Home)

2018 London Evening Standard New Homes Awards – Winner (Best First-Time Buyer Home)

2018 First Time Buyer Awards – Shortlisted (Best First-Time Buyer Apartment)

2018 IHDevelopment Awards – Shortlisted (Market Sales Development of the Year)

2017 Place West London Awards – Winner (Regeneration of Housing Estates – Grand Prix Award)

2014 London Planning Awards – Winner (Best Conceptual Project)

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