Mental Health Scheme

The Hunters healthcare team has designed a New Mental Health Crisis Assessment Service (MHCAS) for the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

After a year of working with service users, carers, staff, and community stakeholders, we designed a space that meets the diverse needs of all involved.

The project is a two storey new build, between heritage buildings and is partly extended over an existing single storey building.  This creates a sufficiently large first floor to accommodate all of the key clinical adjacencies required for our clients service together with a courtyard garden to engender a relaxed and calming ambience for patients experiencing a mental health crisis. 

Features include the creation of a serene courtyard garden help people feel at ease.

The project is part of a comprehensive plan to enhance mental health services in the area and a wider strategic plan to move mental health crisis facilities out of Hospital A&E departments and into appropriate specialist care facilities.

Tim Ashton, Director of the Healthcare team commented “We worked closely with the trust on a challenging site to maximise footprint for their needs whilst creating a calm new environment for their patients. It’s one of a number of Mental Health schemes we are designing in a sector which is at the forefront of everyone’s minds currently”

Client Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust
Location Dartmouth, Park Hill, London
Role Architects