August 2021

Designing to Provide Top Care

SWLEOC is on a mission to create centres which provide world leading elective orthopaedic care and, as part of this, Hunters healthcare team has reconfigured and designed both patient and staff spaces at Epsom Hospital. The new facilities incorporate a new state of the art operating theatre and associated bed-bay holding area, reception, nurse base and office. The project, which has just been completed, was carried out during the height of the pandemic and close partnership work with The Trust, contractors, consultants, suppliers and staff helped make it happen.

SWLEOC (South West Elective Orthopaedic Centre) is operated by The Trust, in conjunction with neighbouring trusts on a partnership basis from Epsom. This NHS treatment centre provides orthopaedic services to patients of St George’s, Croydon Health Services and Kingston hospitals in addition to patients from Epsom and St Helier. SWLEOC has grown rapidly to become the largest hip and knee replacement centre in the UK and one of the largest in Europe performing around 5,200 procedures a year, 3,000 of these are joint replacements.