Principal Designer / CDM & BSA Adviser

We are a qualified team of Principal Designers, CDM and Building Safety Act experts who can advise you on the changes in regulations.

Please contact Guy Chapman, Director for more information.

Hunters is a Corporate Member of the Association for Project Safety, the leading professional institution in construction, health & safety and safety risk management.

New Building Safety Act – are you ready?

We have initiated a series of in-house workshops on the new Building Safety Act 2022. The accompanying secondary legislation, effective since 01 October 2023, will apply to ALL construction projects including work on existing buildings regardless of height. The purpose of this training is to ensure our teams of Architects, Employers’ Agents, and Building Consultants are well-informed about the secondary legislation and recent changes to assist clients through the transition process.

For many years, the Hunters dedicated Health, Safety and CDM compliance team have ensured projects are delivered to the highest standards. The new legislation creates greater accountability for anyone involved in the design, construction of all buildings and those responsible during the occupation phase of Higher Risk Buildings.

We provide both BSA and CDM Principal Designer services including advice, and guidance on how to address the new responsibilities the legislation has introduced.

Why do you need a CDM 2015 Client Adviser on your build?

The Client
The main responsibilities for Construction Clients are to ensure all construction projects are suitably resourced and managed, and the health and safety of all who may be affected by the work, use and maintenance of the structure are protected through means of adequate communications, cooperation and coordination, and the provision of relevant information.

That’s where we come in, making sure the CDM 2015 regulations which impose greater responsibility on Construction Clients regarding health and safety are delivered. The Regulations introduce several duties and responsibilities that were not previously required of Construction Clients

“In the Principal Designer and Client CDM advisers roles, they demonstrated a depth of CDM understanding, clear communication with a focus on risk reduction throughout the design and construction phases, delivered through a highly responsive service.”

Parminder Birring, Environmental Health & Safety Manager at HB Reavis

The Legislation
It is the Clients duty to ensure the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are fully discharging their respective duties which can be delivered via site monitoring visits and audits, and the review of project risk management documentation.

Clients often require advice and assistance from a third party (that’s us!) to assist with the discharge of their duties. At Hunters we have the skills, knowledge and experience spanning the previous 1994 and 2007 CDM Regulations and since the 2015 Regulations, we are ideally placed to advise and assist Clients with discharging their duties.

Making it easier for you

Our team of CDM/Principal Designer professionals will deliver this role, making sure your projects are fully compliant. We pride ourselves on the great service we offer, working with different teams to ensure the regulations are delivered by all.

If you would like any Principal Designer / CDM advice, please contact Guy, contact details can also be found at the bottom of this page.


Principal Designers

Our principal designers will plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety in the pre-construction phase of a project. This includes identifying, eliminating or controlling foreseeable risks and ensuring designers carry out their duties.

Health & Safety Audits

We can provide independent health and safety audits to assist with the review and maintenance of the arrangements and ensure they remain relevant throughout the life of the project and that health and safety standards are being met.

Site Inspections

We can provide regular site-based safety inspections and assist with the monitoring and mentoring for safety and health, to achieve and maintain safety goals and reduced injury and ill health, of those working on or who may be affected by the project.