February 2024

The Heart Of The Future – The Next Gen Series

This epic collaborative series started last year. Adamson Associates are the brainchild behind it all, teaming up with Hunters and other visionary collaborators in the Built Environment world-UHA, Ramboll, OFR, Piercy & Company, ECD Architects, ARUP, Volker Fitzpatrick and ourselves; Each company organises their own event to discuss a topic close to their hearts to strengthen and make a difference to our Future Cities.

But why this collaboration of companies? Together, we unlock a future generation, a treasure chest of creativity, innovation, and architectural excellence. Our…

Harmony in Expertise– All these firms bring an orchestra of expertise, where we all contribute to the success of the up-and-coming generation in this industry and the places, we live in.

Mentorship Magic- This collaborative event series is about sharing ideas; passing the torch to the next generation, learning the ropes, getting insider tips, and soaking up the knowledge and wisdom from experts (or ones who are three steps ahead) who’ve been there and are making waves in the Built Environment.

Trailblazers- The next generation deserves more than just a seat at the table; they deserve a chance to lead the conversation. This collaborative series is a playground where fresh minds meet seasoned expertise. We’re here to show that collaborations aren’t just about building structures; it’s about building leaders.

Innovation Playground- Why settle for ordinary when you can dream up the extraordinary? These events are not your typical gatherings. It’s a place where we can innovate and express our views. We’re not just pushing boundaries; we’re here to make the Built Environment work for the next generation, to understand how they think and what their values, mission and visions are in this industry.

Diversity in Perspective- Diversity is the thread that weaves the most compelling stories. Each firm brings a unique perspective to the drawing board. It’s not about fitting into the mould; it’s about breaking free from it and letting creativity run wild.

Luis Rojas-Paipilla, Overseas Qualified Architect at Hunters, added “Being part of this cross-collaboration conversation across Next Gen enables us to learn from each other’s individual efforts towards a sustainable city”

Coming up to our 70th year, we wanted to make an impact and empower the up-and-coming Architects, Building Consultants, Employer’s Agents, Engineers, and others in the Built Environment.

We’re not just building structures; we’re building the future for the next generation within this industry.

We are holding our event on 16th May 2024 that will blend fun and professionalism and has been devised by the Next Gen at Hunters, which includes:

  • Abbey O’Rawe
  • Winnie Ng
  • Francetta Evans-Anfom
  • Liam Gulliford
  • Zoe Lou
  • Luis Rojas-Paipilla
  • Giulia Viscuso
  • Luis Lopez
  • Edie Chen
  • Alfredo Roccia
  • Gabor Honfi
  • Ines Morgado
  • Jack Darke
  • Katie Grubb
  • Zheng Chee Cham
  • Sadev Golhar
  • Rita Pena and Nurit Moscovici Amar

and some of the leadership team

  • Tim Ashton
  • Eddie Chen
  • Sally Warren

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