March 2024

We’ve Hit NET ZERO for our Scope 1 and 2 Emissions!

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone… Through concerted efforts and sustainable practices, we reduced our carbon footprint. We care about keeping things sustainable.

So, at Hunters we were early adopters of measuring our office carbon footprint (as far back as 2003 we piled up boxes of paper and photographed them next to a human demonstrating the unbelievable amount of paper usage) and this year we are thrilled that we have reached NET ZERO in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Some facts, as all our metrics are down for 2023:

Paper use is still reducing – down 26.5% from last year

Car mileage – down 37.9% from last year

Carbon footprint – metric tonnes of carbon

dioxide equivalent down 66.2% from last year

Tim Ashton, Director commented ‘Our teams have really demonstrated a commitment to reducing car travel and therefor their impact on the environment. This year we introduced offsetting for the last twenty percent and spent a lot of time looking at the most appropriate options. We are working with HACT on verified carbon credits which decarbonise social housing, an area very close to us.’ 

In terms of the carbon emissions, for the sustainability geeks amongst us this translates to the following under GHG protocol.

Scope 1:           0.0 MtCO2e

Scope 2:           0.0 MtCO2e

Scope 3:           14.1 MTCO2e 

There are other upstream scope 3 activities that we will be tackling next, so watch this space… For more information click here.

*This is based on client facing staff.